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Gut Health - Immune System direct relationship.

Science continues to reveal more about the staggering link between gut health and a strong immune system. Seventy percent of the body’s immune cells reside in the gut, and many health experts have even started to consider the gut microbiome as its own organ. When a patient is struggling with...

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About Us

Established 2004, in Doral, Florida. We are a unique establishment centered around a Traditional Hometown Pharmacy. Besides dispensing prescribed medications, we also offer Integrative, Naturopathic alternative medicines including: Full line of Premium Vitamins, Natural Supplements, Ayurveda Herbals, Homeopathy,  Aromatherapy and more.  We also feature an Organic Café with a Juice Bar and an Outdoor Terraza!!

NatuRxHeal Pharmacy & HealthStore  is an effort to bring together the time-proven value of Pharmaceutical Care with Natural and alternative medicines and therapies. We invite you to come by, consult with us regarding your current medications and personal goals for health and wellness. 

Thank you & Enjoy Wellness!!

Ronny Ramirez, Rph.