CirculAid with Diosmin 90 vegetarian caps


$ 39.95

CirculAid is a vegetarian dietary supplement to
support vascular health.
• CirculAid is designed to support vascular integrity
and tone throughout the body. When vascular walls
break down, become weak, or leak, conditions may arise
such as hemorroids, spider veins and varicose veins.
• CirculAid contains two powerful flavonoids,
Diosmin and Hesperidin (in a 10:1 ratio) combined with
high-quality Butcher’s Broom Extract and Vitamin C.
CirculAid Supports:
• Proper structure and function of leg veins
• General circulation
• Healthy blood flow from capillaries to venules
• Blood vessel and capillary strength and integrity
About the formula:
Diosmin and Hesperidin:
The combination of two powerful bioflavonoids that
provide significant support for leg and foot health by
relieving heaviness, restlessness, heat sensation, night
cramping and discomfort .
They support capillary strength.
They promote healthy vein tone, elasticity and
Diosmin provides strong antioxidant activity to help
support vascular integrity and circulation.
Vitamin C:
Supports collagen synthesis, vascular wall function
and capillary strength.
Taking vitamin C with flavonoids supports blood
circulation and supports the strength of the walls of the
veins and capillaries.
• Butcher’s Broom Root Extract:
Contains saponin glycosides called ruscogenins.
Research has shown that these ruscogenins reduce the
fragility and permeability of capillaries, and tighten

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