Stress Support (Relora & Bacopa) 60 Veg. Caps, GF


$ 44.95

Stress Support with Relora® & Bacopa is a dietary supplement
to support stress management, appetite control and mood
balance.  Stress Support with Relora® & Bacopa is a unique formula that
combines the adaptogenic and neurotonic benefits of Bacopa
standardized extract with Relora® a proprietary blend of herbal
extracts to promote a sense of calm. Stress Support with Relora® & Bacopa:
• Helps to stabilize levels of the stress hormone cortisol
• Supports neurotransmitters that optimize mood
• Works to regulate melatonin, a hormone that
regulates sleep
• Helps to manage stress-related challenges such as
irritability, emotional ups and downs, restlessness, tense
muscles, poor sleep and concentration difficulties.
Shown to reduce stress related cravings for carbohydrates
About the Ingredients
Relora® is an advanced natural and patented combination of
magnolia and phellodendron extracts to help support normal
levels of the Cortisol and DHEA hormones produced by the body
to promote the management of stress. It works by binding to
stress receptors in the nervous system to promote relaxation and
feelings of well being while ignoring the receptors
associated with sedation.
Bacopa monniera has been used in the Ayurvedic system of
medicine for centuries. Traditionally, it was used as a brain tonic
to enhance memory development, learning and
concentration. The constituents responsible for Bacopa’s
cognitive effects are bacosides A and B.
Bacosides aid in repair of neurons by enhancing kinase activity,
neuronal synthesis, and restoration of synaptic activity, and nerve
impulse transmission.* They also have antioxidant

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