Super Greens Cleanse/Detoxify 12.57 oz


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A dietary supplement to support detoxification functions.
Super Greens:
• Is a great tasting, easy-to-mix powder available in a 30 serving container.
• Combines nutrient rich vegetables, fruits and herbs with enzymes and
probiotic cultures.
• Supports the body’s ability to cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate.
• Supports the body’s antioxidant defense system and immune system
• Supports detoxification and G.I. Tract health.
Detoxification Support
• Spirulina and Chlorella are both sources of blue-green algae, which has a
rich nutrient profile and is a potent antioxidant.
• Spirulina supports healthy functioning of the liver and immune system, to
aid in detoxification.
• Chlorella supports cell reproduction, as well as restorative processes that
promote healthy organs and tissues. Chlorella also aids the body in the
breakdown of unwanted materials like heavy metals and supports proper
digestion by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and assisting in the
elimination of unwanted materials from the body.
Antioxidant Support
• Red Raspberry supports capillary strength.
• Cranberry supports urinary tract health and function by keeping unwanted
materials from adhering to the cell walls of the bladder.
• Blueberry supports eye, urinary tract and cardiovascular health and
gastrointestinal function.
• Bilberry has traditionally been used to support proper functioning of the eye.
It helps to synthesize compounds that maintain artery walls, support
connective tissue health and strengthen capillaries.
• Grape Seed Extract plays a role in the stabilization of collagen and
maintenance of elastin, thereby supporting organ, joint, blood vessel and
muscle functions.
Digestive Support
• FOS aids in the elimination of unwanted substances and supports G.I. Tract
health. Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are considered a soluble fiber and
pre-biotic that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria. Since FOS is not
digested it increases the material in the digestive tract and promotes
Immune System Support
• Oat Beta-Glucans support immune system function. Oat Beta-1,3-Glucans
extracted from oats are a highly researched polysaccharide with immune
supporting properties. They support the activity of macrophages that clear away
cellular debris and other unwanted materials by digesting them.

30 vegetarian servings

NET WT. 356.25 G

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