Zinc + Elderberry & D3 60 vegeterian lozenges


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Zinc is an essential mineral and antioxidant found in every body cell.
It is essential for a wide range of physiological functions and is an
important cofactor for more than 200 enzymes, more than any other
Recommended for:
Antioxidant support
Fertility, male sexual function, and pregnancy support
Immune support, especially in winter months
Joint and skin support (including skin blemishes)
Smokers and those exposed to second-hand smoke
Oral contraceptive users
Why Zinc?
• “Some 90 percent of the population consume diets deficient in
zinc,” according to Dr. Harmond M.D., Ph.D. the father of the
free radical theory of aging. And even those eating adequate
amounts of zinc do not always absorb it adequately. A zinc
deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, knees & hips discomfort,
mental disorders, memory loss, depression, fatigue, irritability,
decreased sense of taste & smell, skin problems (acne, dry
skin, stretch marks, and prolonged wound healing), poor hair
growth, imbalance cholesterol and glucose levels, decreased
immune function, growth impairment, menstrual irregularities,
fertility problems, prostate dysfunction, low testosterone
levels, low sperm count and impotence.
Zinc supports:
Superoxide dismutase activity, an important antioxidant
Immune system health and function.
Collagen formation, bone health and muscle function.
Protection against UV radiation
Fertility and reproductive system health and function
Normal cell division
Normal growth and development
Brain development and nerve function
Insulin activity, carbohydrate metabolism and amino acids
Enzyme and hormone synthesis and function
Heavy metal detoxification and liver detoxification processes

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