When you think Detox, Think Liver first!!

The Liver is the body's biggest internal organ and it performs more than 500 functions. Most of these functions have to do with detox and helping us stay healthy, making the liver the primary cleansing organ.

Just to mention a few: the liver produces bile & cholesterol, stores glucose in the form of glycogen, stores iron (as hemoglobin) and processes poisonous ammonia to urea, alcohol, and many other harmful substances for excretion in bile or the urine.

Therefore we should all love our Livers and aim to keep it clean!!

Suggestions to keep you Liver healthy include: Drink plenty of water, cut down on fried foods, sweets and artificial sweeteners, alcohol and caffeine. also choose whole, organic foods, fruits and vegetables. Finally, there are natural herbal remedies and supplements that can be taken periodically to help ensure your liver is thoroughly clean.

Thank you, enjoy wellness!!